Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance of Stereo-, Laboratory microscopes and Trichinoscopes!   Repair, Service & Maintenance  

As traditional manufacturer and supplier of microscopes and optical instruments we have the necessary Know-How as well as the equipment to repair and maintain microscopes of our own and also from other manufacturers.  We are able to produce spare parts with our existing own machinery if they are no longer offered for older microscopes by the manufacturers itself.

By sending the microscopes and instruments to us and with our free and binding offer, you always have your cost under the control! You don't have to pay the costs for an on-site service technican in this way.

Use our experience and competence!


Our offer:

  • Repair, cleaning and adjustment of microscopes and other optical instruments, also of Trichinoscopes
  • Enhancement of the existing equipment with additional adapters (photo and video)
  • Free telephonic advisory service
  • Cost estimate for free when placing the order
  • Microscopes will be deassembled, degreased and cleaned, greased again, assembled and adjusted
  • Final optical and mechanical functional control
  • 6 month of guarantee for realized operations


Service Telephone: +49(0)3385 53710