BestAir Ultra

Filters the smallest microscopic particles from the air

We at ASKANIA in Germany enjoy the microcosmos of particles and tiny living things invisible to the eye– Breathing them in, however, not so much.

Micro-particles, clothes fibers, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, lice eggs and viruses gather in the air over time. Sometimes they activate cells in our nose so that we can smell them (for example Fireplaces- or Tobakko), but most of the time we can only identify them under a microscope. 

That's why we want to ensure healthy, fresh room climate with BestAir Ultra, the air filter which recognizes particles that can otherwise only be found with a microscope.The filter works for all private Living- and Bedrooms, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Doctor's Offices, Laboratories, Restrooms, Classrooms, Kindergardens, Stores and Manufactures.

We trade BestAir Ultra for 799 € including taxes and shipping within Germany.
                                  (Net 671,43€)


Reduces air pollution

Removes bacteria and viruses from the air

6-level filter technology in one device


UV-Light+ Photokatalytic Filters

Silent as a whisper


Antibacterial colloidal silver



BestAir Ultra