Axiocam 208 color 

The Fast 4K Microscope Camera

Your smart, versatile color microscope camera with 8 megapixels - for training, documentation and routine applications. This CMOS camera delivers crisp, detailed real-time images with high color fidelity at full 4K resolution and with outstanding 30 frames per second. Choose between three modes of operation:

1️⃣ In stand-alone mode, you don't need a PC to capture microscope images. The camera automatically adjusts brightness and white balance and offers live imaging features such as sharpening, denoising, and HDR. Digitally documenting your specimen has never been easier.

2️⃣ Alternatively, you can connect the CMOS camera to your computer via USB or to a network and then control it wirelessly via the easy-to-use Labscope imaging app. Since multiple cameras can be connected to the network, the Axiocam 208 color is the ideal solution for digital classroom applications as well as networked laboratories.

3️⃣ In addition, you can use the powerful ZEN image processing software with your Axiocam 208 color.

Stand-Alone-Modus: Use Labscope Imaging App without PC

Great 4K-Resolution with 30 Frames per Second

Wireless Networking and Remote Access for Labscope

Excellent Color Fidelity


Axiocam 202 mono 

The Stand-Alone 2 Megapixel Microscope Camera

With this CMOS sensor camera, you can easily capture monochrome images in stand-alone mode without a PC. Since the camera automatically adjusts the exposure time, you only need to press the capture button to capture fluorescence images and save them to a USB flash drive. If necessary, you can adjust the parameters in the image monitor menu (OSD) before saving the image.

Get even more flexibility with the Labscope imaging app and its convenient and intuitive user interface for fluorescence documentation.

2-Megapixel-Sensor with CMOS-Chip, measuring 13 mm diagonally. Equipped with large pixels.

Automatic Exposure Time and Gain Adjustment and Quality Enhancing Post-Process Options

USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, and Wireless Connectivity

Keeps Track of Meta-Data (such as Scale) within Image Files




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System Overview

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